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  • Divorce vs. Legal Separation

    Divorce is technically called “dissolution of marriage.” In its most rudimentary form, marriage is a contract and the ending of a marriage is a dissolution of that contract. When two people get divorced they become two independent and separate people entitled to live their lives with no interference from the other except for any restrictions put on them by the court when the contract is ended. Think of these restrictions as a “new” contract imposed by the court.

    Separation is very similar to a divorce and normally either party can turn a separation into a divorce, at will. Some couples chose to separate for religious reasons, insurance reasons, or a multitude of other reasons. When you are legally separated you basically have all of the rights of a single person with the exception of the ability to remarry. A legal separation involves the same legal process as a divorce and is not “easier.”

    NOTE: You are NOT legally separated when a divorce case is started.

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